Ryoma GOLF

Handling of Privacy Policy

RYOMA GOLF (henceforth ‘Ryoma Golf’) acknowledges the importance of its users’ private information (personal information) listed such as full name, telephone number, email address, etc. used in identifying specific individuals. Hence it is our policy, with the exclusion of limited instances such as inquiries and requests, to never collect personal information of users navigating our web site.
We occasionally perform statistical analysis of our web site, but personal information will never be included in such analyses (note: see “data collection, how to use”).
We will explicitly state when personal information is collected on our web site, and furthermore, we will manage collected personal information on the basis of 1 to 4 listed below.
Even if the user does not provide personal information, most of our web site is accessible to the user; hence, please take note that there is a possibility that we might not give specialized service to you such as responding to enquiries.

1.When we collect personal information from our users, we will consider the information personal to be used by us only with respect to the user’s purpose of using the web site at our company’s portal, and in the light of acquiring necessary information.

2.Our company and company web site will never reveal our customer’s personal information to a third party without the customer’s consent. The following appropriate cases will be the exceptions: if ordered by a court, police administration, or government institutions and authority to disclose personal information; if it becomes necessary to disclose information to related business enquires concerning the web management of our company and our website itself upon entering a confidentiality agreement with us, for the purpose of disclosing appropriate business conduct.

3.In the case we disclose, based on the user’s permission, personal information of the user to a third party, we are obligated by contract to demand appropriate maintenance by the third party with respect to data-leakage preventative measures and other necessary monitoring.

4.Our company will obey the code of conduct as applied to the extent of the law pertaining to saved personal information, and we will appropriately review the above mentioned policy and modify it accordingly to make improvements.

Privacy Policy

RYOMA GOLF applies a consistent policy regarding the handling of information; we endeavour to the best of our ability to accurately reveal our policy.
In the following, our privacy philosophy is an aspect of our endeavour.

The range of application of our privacy philosophy

Our privacy philosophy applies Ryoma Golf’s information collection, uses, maintenance, and disclosure. In the case of exceptions we will explicitly reveal these matters prior to collecting information, therefore customers may choose or decline providing information.

Collection of information, how they are used

Ryoma Golf will collect information in the following three instances: (1) traffic or click-stream data (2) cookies (3) contact information of information which identifies users.
Collection and data usage by Ryoma Golf and third-party data sharing policy (when there is sharing) are as in the following:

(1)Traffic of click stream data
Data pertaining to traffic and usage do not identify individuals; there will be no information added to them that would identify individuals, there will be no such integration. Also, there are instances of sharing collected information with selected third parties, but sharing will only be done anonymously in collected bundles, instead of individually.
Ryoma Golf, by observing browser function and files (pages) accessed by our customers, will collect information pertaining to situations of usage (enquiries by customers to our company site, information pertaining to the highest hit rates on our search engine, unusual actions indicating fraud; because our company provides technologically superior service, we would also check information pertaining to how our information is being used).
Ryoma Golf uses the above mentioned information (not individually but in aggregated bundles) to improve our level of service.

As in many other sites, Ryoma Golf uses cookies to collect information regarding user actions of online usage. Cookies include information that will specify the user, and with that data our company will understand usage situations and frequencies of repetition by the user. We will also be enabled to improve the efficiency of the use of our services by the user. Cookies used by our company do not include information that can identify individuals. Cookies provide information regarding the repeat-user, and provide us with information as to whether we are providing excellent products and services.
Also, Ryoma Golf uses cookies to confirm which sites repeat users come from when visiting our web site.
The purpose of Ryoma Golf using information obtained from cookies is to investigate our performance anonymously, to inspect means to improve our service to our customers. Though customers have the option to reject cookies using their browser software, they might by so doing disable certain functions pertaining to our services.

(3)Contact information and personal information
When customers send Ryoma Golf comments and complaints, or if they demand Ryoma Golf to provide information, with the exception of when the customer provides name and contact information, we will use the customer’s name, email address, and other contact information to respond to their comments, complaints, and demands, and for no other purpose.
This information will never be connected to click-stream data nor will it be saved for later use; they will not be provided to third parties.

Safety of collected and stored data

In order to ensure blockage of unauthorized access, maintain accuracy of information, Ryoma Golf will manage and protect physical, electronic and business related matters, as well as the security of the information obtained online. However, the technology of data security is in a process of daily advancement. All information (data, question-answer sessions, comments, suggestions, etc.) our customers send to Ryoma Golf will be handled as non-confidential. Also, if our information gets intercepted by undesignated recipients, Ryoma Golf will not take responsibility.

Correction, deletion request of the personal information

If information pertaining to our customers is inaccurate or incomplete, or if the customer demands the changing or removal of customer information which might have been collected by Ryoma Golf, please contact us from our Contact Us page. On such occasions it would be necessary for the customer’s email address to match their full name and registered email address.

Inquiry about the personal information handling

If you have any questions concerning Ryoma Golf’s privacy policy, information concerning personal identification, and general collection of customer information, please contact us from the Contact Us page.