Ryoma GOLF


Conforming to R&A and USGA rules on SLE

Delivers exceptional distance and forgiveness
#5 provides a long distance comparable to a conventional #3
#3 is as easy to hit as a conventional #5

The RYOMA F fairway wood is equipped with a head body made entirely of a high-strength, ultra-thin titanium alloy, which provides an unbelievable weight margin of 125 g that no conventional stainless or maraging-steel fairway head can match. RYOMA’s proprietary DSI technology places an anti-roll power booster weighing 65 g inside the back of the head and a low-spin unit weighing 60 g immediately behind the face, and a power-spring body formed between them makes it possible to hit a ball with an initial velocity of up to 2.0 m/s higher than conventionally designed fairways. This high-performance fairway adds up to 15 yards of ball distance and delivers exceptional forgiveness.

  • Ball’s initial velocity boosted by 2.0 m/s

    The power-spring body and the Multi-Beam Cup Face made of an ultra-thin titanium alloy combine to provide a large sweet area to impart a consistently high initial velocity to the ball regardless of the point of impact on the face. Thanks to RYOMA’s proprietary DSI technology that makes the most of the rebounding characteristic of a ball, it is possible to hit a ball with an initial velocity of up to 2.0 m/s higher than conventional fairways.

  • Ball’s backspin rate reduced by 850 rpm*

    The combination of an under-press crown, a 60 g low-spin unit, and a 65 g anti-roll power booster lowers the center of gravity of the club head. And the spring body transfers maximum energy to the ball at impact. This innovative head design reduced the ball’s backspin rate by up to 850 rpm. As a result, the ball is given a higher initial velocity and a higher trajectory and takes a straight flight to the green, even in against the wind.
    *Compared with conventional fairways

  • The sidespin is reduced by 55%, therefore,
    the curvature becomes less than half.

    Even at mis-hit at the bottom of clubface, the push generating from the front and rear weights helps suppress the clubhead from rising. Meanwhile, when mis-hit towards the top of clubface occurs, the under-press crown suppresses the ball from ballooning to maintain high initial speed. Moreover, when the off-center mis-hit on the left or right side occurs, the opposite side of the body will bend to refrain the sidespin. Its excellent directionality contributes greatly to scoring.

TourAD RF2 |TourAD RF2 standard shaft

All-round shaft for a consistently
high smash factor
This shaft is especially designed for the RYOMA F fairway. It allows the player to feel the club head move during a swing and provides greater maneuverability and stability. It is an all-round shaft that ensures consistent performance regardless of a golfer’s swing type and brings out the best of the high-performance club head when aiming at the green.


Whip-like effect for
exceptional distance
The BEYOND POWER F shaft provides infinite flex that benefits golfers of any swing type. During a swing, the whip-like effect travels progressively from the grip to the tip, giving an accelerated speed to the head while eliminating awkwardness normally associated with swinging a longer shaft. This shaft enables golfers to hit longer-distance shots beyond their potential.