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Exceptional ease of use builds confidence in a player who shies away from irons

The Spring Face made of titanium alloy—the world’s first of its kind—releases the ball at a high initial velocity regardless of centeredness of impact. The head has a low yet deep center of gravity and an exceptionally wide sweet area, capable of imparting a substantial force of energy to the ball upon impact. A RYOMA Iron reduces the extent of inconsistency in a ball’s flying distance and direction caused by off-center shots by more than half compared with conventional irons.
Golfers of every skill level can benefit from the forgiveness of these high-performance RYOMA Irons and have greater confidence in landing a ball on the green consistently.

  • The club head of an iron must have a low center of gravity to make it easier to loft a ball; and it must have a deep center of gravity to be more forgiving for many players. However, the problem is that a conventionally designed iron head has either a low and shallow center of gravity or a high and deep center of gravity. Hitherto it was impossible to have an iron head that has a low yet deep center of gravity—until now, that is. RYOMA’s proprietary head design and welding technology have made the impossible possible—without widening the club sole. After exhaustive analyses of the center-of-gravity patterns of various irons, the Power Booster, which is molded from powdered tungsten* having an ultra-high specific weight of 17, is attached to the lower back of the face to give a low yet deep center of gravity to the head. The end result is a RYOMA Iron that enables you to hit a ball with exceptional control of direction and distance.
    * Among all types of general-purpose industrial materials, tungsten is the heaviest metal on earth. Cast tungsten used for some conventional golf heads has a specific weight of 11.

  • When a conventional iron hits a ball off the tee, the ball flies longer than when hitting a ball off the ground. This is because the face of a club hits a ball at different impact positions. Off the tee, a club face hits a ball 18 mm from the leading edge, while off the ground it hits a ball 9 mm from the leading edge. Furthermore, the vertical impact position on the club face varies depending on whether the face hits a ball out of the deep rough or a ball sitting on the rough. Different impact positions on the face give a ball a different amount of initial velocity and spin, which results in inconsistency in a ball’s flying distance. Each RYOMA Iron is equipped with our proprietary Spring Face made of titanium alloy, which bends inward in the power spring zone upon impact before returning to its original form and imparting a substantial force of energy to the ball regardless of centeredness of impact.

  • The narrow primary sole of a RYOMA Iron makes it easy to hit a ball clean with a quick swing-through from a good lie, such as on the fairway. When a ball is given a fat shot or hit out of a sand trap on the fairway, the supplemental Assist Sole behind the primary sole kicks in, making an oversize wide sole and preventing the head from plunging too deeply into the sand. As the oversize sole works to suppress excessive head turn and reduce the loss of flying distance, you can minimize the chance of missing shots and improve your score performance on the course.

  • The flying distance and direction that a ball takes after impact is not determined by loft, but by the launch angle and amount of spin given to the ball. Each club in the RYOMA Iron series is equipped with an individually designed Power Booster to give the optimum launch angle and amount of spin to a ball upon impact. This series promotes consistent and optimum distance gapping among the clubs.

  • As a conventional iron head is heavier toward the hosel, it has a sweet spot 5 to 7 mm away from the center of the face toward the heel. When you hit a ball at the center of the face, the face slightly opens upon impact, losing energy and giving a decreased initial velocity to the ball. As a conventional iron head is designed to hit a ball on the face toward the heel, hitting a ball at the center of the face does not necessarily produce good results. Each RYOMA Iron has a thin and light head with the majority of the weight shifted toward the lower toe, positioning the sweet spot at the center of the face. This head design has an added benefit of further lowering the center of gravity.

  • One of the things that make a conventional iron difficult to hit is that its head is shaped in such a manner that it provides a small sweet area. Each RYOMA Iron offers a low and deep center of gravity and is equipped with a mechanism inside the head that reduces the chance of common miss shots. As a result, the RYOMA Iron offers an exceptionally wide sweet area not found in conventional irons.

TourAD RYOMA IronStandard Shaft

Easier to hit the sweet spotThis standard shaft makes it easy for you to perform consistently timed swings. Yet the ball does not remain on the face too long. You can effortlessly hit the sweet spot and achieve a consistent and repeatable flying distance thanks to the shaft’s exceptional forgiveness.


Whiplike effect benefits players of any skill levelDuring the swing, the whiplike effect that the BEYOND POWER shaft generates travels progressively from the grip to the middle and to the tip, adding 1.2 m/s more to the head speed all through impact. This revolutionary shaft provides infinite flex regardless of head speed, which should benefit golfers of any skill level—from average performers to top amateur players.