Ryoma GOLF

Ladies Fairway WoodRYOMA F SpecialTuningRYOMA F SpecialTuning

High COR
Non-conforming to R&A and USGA rules on SLE

Refining the RYOMA F fairway to deliver an extra-long distance

We have added enhancements to the already-high-performing RYOMA F fairway wood to make the RYOMA F Special Tuning ladies fairway. This fairway is equipped with a high-COR multi-beam cup face that imparts to a ball an initial velocity of 1.1 m/s higher than the original RYOMA F at impact. The use of lighter head body results in a surplus weight of a whopping 130 g. At the front and back of inside the head are placed a low-spin unit and an anti-roll power booster, each weighing 65g, to provide an incredibly low and deep center of gravity to the head.
The RYOMA F Special Tuning ladies fairway makes it possible to hit a ball with an initial velocity of up to 3.1 m/s higher than conventional conforming fairways and to reduce the amount of backspin imparted to a ball at impact by up to 850 rpm, resulting in an extra 20-yard long distance of ball flight on average.

・The MAXIMA Special Tuning Fairway wood, whose club face has a COR that exceeds the limit established under the R&A and USGA rules, is not allowed for use in any official golf tournament. ・When using the MAXIMA Special Tuning Fairway wood on a course, please keep the distance to the preceding party 20 yards or more than usual so as to avoid disrupting their play. ・As the MAXIMA Special Tuning Fairway wood has an extremely thin club face, keep the head speed at 44 m/s or below at ball impact. ・The warranty covers repairs to the club only when it is used at a head speed of 44 m/s or below; it does not cover repairs when it is used at a head speed of more than 44 m/s.


TourAD RF2 |standard shaft

All-round shaft for a consistently
high smash factor
This shaft is especially designed for the RYOMA F fairway. It allows the player to feel the club head move during a swing and provides greater maneuverability and stability. It is an all-round shaft that ensures consistent performance regardless of a golfer’s swing type and brings out the best of the high-performance club head when aiming at the green.