Ryoma GOLF

1Distance・DirectionBetter control of distance and direction,
even on an off-center hit

As hybrids are shorter than drivers and fairway woods and deliver lower head speed, whether a player hits a ball on-center or off-center with a hybrid makes a big difference to the player’s score on the course. For instance, a clean on-center hit may get a ball on the green, while an off-center hit may result in a ball hitting a greenside sand trap. A RYOMA U hybrid has a club head with a center of gravity that aligns perfectly with that of a ball at impact, and its highly elastic body and specially designed face combine to impart a high initial velocity to a ball. Even on an off-center hit, the ball travels longer and straighter, resulting in an improved score on the course.

2Higher Initial Velocity・Higher Launch AngleBall flies higher above the green to
take dead aim at the pin

Most conventional hybrids with a cast steel head have a high center of gravity and tend to impart a large amount of backspin to a ball at impact, which causes the ball to balloon before reaching its highest point during the flight. Although this has an advantage of a ball hitting the ground without much roll, the downside is that it ends up with a shorter ball distance and that, as is often the case with long irons, a smaller sweet area inherent in a steel head makes it difficult to control distance and direction on an off-center hit. A RYOMA U hybrid has an innovative head structure that makes it possible to launch a low-spin ball at a high initial velocity and at a high angle. The ball flies a longer distance until it reaches high above the green and descends toward the pin. Even when a ball is hit off-center or with a descending blow or into the wind, the ball barely balloons but takes a strong trajectory straight toward the green.

UT Comparison with 4U(24°/ 39.5inches)

Flight Performance

・Velocity of the ball/+2.1m/s ・Amount of backspin/700rpm ・Amount of sidespin/-30%*In comparison to other companies